Real-time monitoring and reporting


AGI frost fans provide efficient and reliable protection against damage caused by frost in a variety of environments and temperatures. The custom-designed open impeller ensures efficiency in protecting frost prone crops, irrespective of the surrounding landscape. Our electrically-driven fans use a cloud-based RF-control system and boast an industry-leading coverage area of 7 to 9 hectares per fan.


Our fan control and monitoring system is a multifunctional cloud-based system that provides easy access to real-time performance data, allows real-time adjustments to operating parameters and provides status alerts for optimum efficiency.

The RFbased control system comprised Fan Control Units (one per fan) that link a fan or multiple fans to a central Homebase, accessible via the cloud.

frost fan monitoring and control systems - control unit on mast


The Fan Control Unit is installed at the base of each Fan and provides for communication with the Homebase via a lowpower, longrange radio signal.

Each Fan Control Unit has the following functionality:

Three temperature sensor inputs (High, Low, and Far temperatures)
Humidity, Wind speed, Direction, Rain meter and Soil moisture sensor input
Motor vibration and Motor current sensor input
VSD Error/Ready status and VSD Running/Not-Running status
Main panel door status, C&M panel door status
Main switch position and the Control method selection switch position
Battery voltage
Control: Relay output that sends Start/Stop Command to VSD
frost fan monitoring and control systems - home base functionality


The Homebase consists of a full user interface where all the fan data can be viewed in the form of a dashboard and graphs. Each fan can also be manually controlled via the user interface.

One Homebase can accommodate up to 20 Fan Control Units and can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection if available. When connected to the internet all the data is stored and can be viewed remotely on an online platform.

The Online Platform has the following functionality:

User management – Register, Login with username/email and password
Fan overview – Displays important parameters/summary of all registered fans
Map overview – Displays locations and key parameters of all fans on a map
Fan dashboard – Overview of live sensor and status data per fan with manual control option
Graph view – View historical data for any sensor in table or graph form
Alert notifications – Set up SMS or e-mail alerts to any number of contacts when there is any high/low sensor value or status change.  Seven preset Alert States to choose from
Temperature management – Set temperaturse at which fan is switched ON/OFF
Data export – sensor and status data can be exported to a .csv file for custom analysis
Reporting a detailed monthly report including an analysis of sensor an status data for each fan is sent to all users.